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At home with Harrison Ford, 1978 

The only valid reason to time travel is to go back to the 1970’s and bang Harrison Ford. There is no other decent reason.  Fuck historical events! No, fuck Harrison Ford.

Oh my holy fuck.

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“We all, girls especially, get sucked into the comparison trap: believing that we are just not good enough as we are. LIES! We are great, flawed, uniquely individual characters in a kooky story. Let’s embrace what we have to offer as no one but ourselves! You are the absolute BEST you there is. That is the truth.

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"I am saddened by how people treat one another and how we are so shut off from one another and how we judge one another, when the truth is, we are all one connected thing. We are all from the same exact molecules.” - Aubrey Plaza

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Gillian Jacobs - Redbook Magazine - November 2014Photographed by Melanie Acevedo

Gillian Jacobs - Redbook Magazine - November 2014
Photographed by Melanie Acevedo


Gillian + Photoshop

Acting is my profession. Bad photoshop is my passion.


TV MEME - 2/8 male characters:    N O A H  P U C K E R M A N

I had sex with your mother. No seriously, I cleaned your pool, then I had sex with her in your bed. Nice Star Wars sheets.